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OB22 Plug & Play OBD GPS Tracker

OB22 is an easy to fit plug & play OBD port tracker with superior location, tracking, reporting, logging, and security capabilities. Utilizing the GSM and GPRS communication network along with GPS technology, it is an ideal solution for leased vehicles or large fleets.


OB22 Plug & Play OBD GPS Tracker

  • GPS+LBS+positioning

  • Voice monitoring

  • Multiple alarms

  • Plug out alarm

  • ACC detection for ignition status

  • Compact size


JM-VL04 INS-aided LTE OBD Tracker

The JM-VL04 is a professional 4G OBD vehicle tracker you can easily install. With its advanced accelerometer, gyroscope, and special algorithm, JM-VL04 can detect improper driving behaviors, precisely calculate mileages, and prevent the dark spots occur in the area with poor GNSS signal. By leveraging four different 4G communication modules, it covers almost all global LTE frequency bands. A revolutionary update is the voice alarm, which can remind drivers to behave correctly when their bad driving activities have been detected. And now, not only is the embedded microphone for remote listen-in, but also sound recording.


JM-VL04 INS-aided LTE OBD Tracker

  • INS-aided GPS tracking

  • Driving Behavior Analysis (Advanced)

  • Voice Alarm

  • Mileage Accuracy ≥98%

  • Remote Listen-in & Voice recording

  • 9-36V Rated Voltage

  • 4G LTE Communication

  • BLE4.0 Supported


JM-VG02U INS-aided OBD Tracker

The JM-VG02U is an OBD II tracker that can be installed effortlessly. With the built-in 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope and a practical algorithm, it can detect 8 types of improper driving behaviors and prevent dark spots, even in areas with poor GPS signal. It's improved system of alerts increases the safety of both the drivers and the vehicle, while at the same time reducing false alerts.


JM-VG02U INS-aided OBD Tracker

  • GPS+INS tracking system

  • Mileage error <2%

  • 9-36V supported voltage

  • Geo-fence<2%

  • Ignition detection

  • Effortless installation

  • Multiple alerts

  • Driving behavior analysis (8 types)

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